OICE Company

OICE Company

Savekey Technology Ltd is an innovative high technology company.

OICE specialize on developing and producing energy saving switch,hotel doorbell system,central air conditioning thermostat,lighting control and dimmer All of them apply to digital matrix touch screen technology.The intelligent switches will be able to provide professional solution for hotels,offices and luxury houses.

OICE develop all the product to meet the requirement of EU standard,environmental production,energy saving and high energy efficiency After many times of experiment and marketing experience,OICE have successfully created a serial of intelligent touch panel switches based on advance and mature technology. Meanwhile,the product all comply with the standard of 3C , CQC , CE and FCC.

Savekey Headquarters is in Birmingham,UK. OICE customers are now from over 30 countries and area in the world. They are China,UK,USA,Germany,The Iran,Netherlands,Greece,Turkey,Mexico,Israel,Poland,Russia,UAE,Saudi Arabia,Hong Kong and Taiwan etc.

Savekey has been working on solutions of providing the most high quality and enjoyable intelligent life to people from all over the world.

OICE(Ofogh Intelligent Consulting Engineers)


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