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Designer and Artist

Since I was a child, I was interested in painting and Drawing because of my father was a painter and taught me how to do.
I chose Graphic Design major in high school and in university.
My Graphic Design degree has given me a strong foundation to my practical skill like drawing and Illustration also very good knowledge of working with computer in related software like Adobe cc collections.
I began my professional activities by small projects during high school.
After admission to the university, I have worked with the several well-known companies till now and I establish my own company in 2008.
After more than 10 years of professional work experience I moved to Cyprus to study master’s degree in Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design. In 2014 I graduated as a high honor student from Eastern Mediterranean University. I was also working as a full-time research assistant during my education at university.
During this period I taught, guided, and mentored undergraduate student of Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design program and at the same time Supervisor of Green box and Motion Capture Studio in Department.
On 2013 after graduating in Master degree I was invited to work as senior instructor at EMU University.
Now it is around 1 year that I moved to Sweden to start a new challenge in my profession and experience a new life in Europe.


My work experience in Sweden.

Swed Carpet eBuy AB, Göteborg, Sweden, www.carpetebuy.com
Work as consultant Graphic designer, photographer and advertising movies editor for the company's YOUTUBE channel.

Dragster Kommunikation, www.dragster.se
I recently finished my 3-month internship as a Graphic Designer.
some project I was involved with during my internship:
• "SMARTEYES" to show their new glasses collection for social medias.
and retouching their portraits photos for advertising.
• AROSKAPITAL concept for the interior design.

I also started my own personal business base on Gothenburg, Sweden.
I designing graphic identity and website for local business. www.logoland.se



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My recent awards

Iranian Graphic Society Member of International of (IGDS)

Member of the Board since 2004

Institute for promotion of contemporary visual art

Member of the Board since 2004

Second Fone Film Festival EMU University

(2014) Screening my short film “Reflection” in Second Fone Film Festival in EMU.

Istanbul Laureate International University

(2012) Participation in Imperfection exhibition in Istanbul Laureate university.